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The Paul Eliadis Foundation

Dr Paul Eliadis AM established The Paul Eliadis Foundation to continue his support and commitment to the classics and ancient history. In this article we will be learning more about the Paul Eliadis Foundation, what it is and how it helps to preserve the studies of ancient history and the classics.

What Is The Paul Eliadis Foundation

The Eliadis Foundation is a private ancillary fund established and managed by Dr Paul Eliadis AM.

The Foundation was established to support in perpetuity a Professorial Chair of Classics and Ancient History.

The Chair of Classics and Ancient History resides within the School of History, Philosophy, Religion and Classics or its successor.

The Chair’s primary purpose is to provide a future vision that will give teaching and research programs in Classics and Ancient History at the University an outstanding profile within Australian higher education and implement this vision by offering academic, research, teaching and organisational leadership that will expand research output, increase external funding support, build postgraduate culture and broaden the undergraduate teaching base.

Stay Updated With Dr Paul Eliadis AM

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