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Dr Paul Eliadis AM – UQ Alumni

“Universities are very special institutions that need to be devoted to learning, not just turning people out for jobs.  As a society, that is something we must afford.”

Dr Paul Eliadis AM

Dr Paul Eliadis AM is a proud member of the UQ alumni. Throughout his professional life he has remained connected with The University of Queensland. Dr Eliadis AM is a benefactor of UQ’s endowed Chair of Classics and Ancient History, also serving as a Senior Lecturer of Medicine at UQ and a Board Member of UQ’s Not If, When – the Campaign to Create Change.

Dr Eliadis AM is also a proud recipient of the UQ Alumnus of the Year award (created by Alumni Friends) in 2019. You can watch Dr Paul Eliadis AM speak on receiving this award in the video below.

Dr Paul Eliadis AM in Medicine

Dr Paul Eliadis practices at Icon Cancer Care with clinics situated throughout Queensland. Dr Eliadis has been and continues to be involved in numerous clinical trials in relation to malignant disease both as principal investigator and sub-investigator. He held the position of Chairman of the HOCA Board (now known as Icon Cancer Care) from 2006 to 2009.

In the specialties of Clinical Haematology and Medical Oncology, Dr Eliadis lists his particular interests as the management of malignant disease and stem cell transplantation. These include malignant Lymphoma, Hodgkin’s Disease, acute and chronic Leukaemias, colorectal cancers, other malignancies of the gastro-intestinal tract, breast cancer, lung cancer, sarcomas, prostate cancer, malignant tumors of the central nervous system and malignancies of the genito-urinary tract. Dr Paul Eliadis works closely with Radiation Oncologists in managing patients with malignant disease who require concurrent chemo-radiotherapy. These include patients with cancer of the head and neck, oesophagus and rectum.

Stay Updated With Dr Paul Eliadis AM

Want to stay updated on the latest news and thoughts from Dr Paul Eliadis AM and his work in Clinical Haematology and Oncology? You can click here to follow Dr Paul Eliadis AM on LinkedIn. Dr Paul Eliadis’ official site here is also a great place to stay updated on the latest news on Dr Paul Eliadis AM.